school children praying on walk While collective worship provides opportunity for spiritual exploration, spirituality itself has a much broader compass than this. Our lives are shot through with spiritual experiences which range from reflection on art or the feel of wind on the cheek to religious reflection on creation through prayer.

Curriculum, ethos and school environment have the potential for promoting spiritual development.

The ways in which we both appreciate and express our spiritual nature is very varied and the ways in which spirituality is presented and explored will be driven by the vision of the school. This takes spirituality beyond the suggestions given in the Ofsted handbook. 

Recent research found pupils’ own understanding of spirituality to include:

  •  the development of self
  • community: a connection with other people
  • a deepening understanding of faith
  • a relationship with God

Adapted from 'Lessons in Spiritual Development', Anne Casson et al.

The ODBE offers materials in support of spirituality and your school's adviser will be very happy to discuss them with you. In addition, the DTS programme includes a course specifically dedicated to spirituality.


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