SIAMS is the statutory inspection of Church of England and Methodist schools with schools expecting their inspection to take place approximately every five years. The National SIAMS team schedules inspections, recruits and appoints inspectors and conducts Quality Assurance of reports and the process. For more information go to the CEEO SIAMS page or ODBE SIAMS Guidance page

The SIAMS inspection schedule is a national set of criteria, produced by the CEEO. The revised inspection schedule is based on the Church of England’s Vision

See SIAMS training events for 2023-2024

Your diocesan adviser can supply you with more information on the process and the support offered. We encourage all schools to access guidance and documentation around SIAMS from this section of the ODBE website. Schools that are in the ODBE SLA receive regular support between inspections via the ‘SIAMS Pathway.’

For any queries, please email our SIAMS adviser Helen Crolla

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