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These are the list of schools which are likely to be inspected in the academic years 2023/24 and 2024/25. You will be notified by the national SIAMS team a week prior to the inspection.  Schools are encouraged to undertake regular self-evaluation against the SIAMS Self-Evaluation framework, the school can use any format for self-evaluation it wishes.  Schools should refer to the CEEO SIAMS page for more related documents.

Following initial contact with the inspector and their receipt of self-evaluation documents you will receive a Pre-Inspection Plan from the inspector 48hrs before the inspection. As an essential part of the SIAMS inspection is scrutiny of your school's website this Website Guidance Checklist will help you make sure that your website meets the expectations.

SIAMS self-evaluation

Schools may offer this in whatever format they choose. We ask leaders to keep whatever is drafted to a manageable minimum. 

The summary should consider all seven questions.

SIAMS inspectors will work with whatever documentation you have at the point of inspection and fully appreciate that this might be ‘work in progress’. We encourage leaders to update their SEF regularly and to invite comments from a range of stakeholders.

These documents may also be helpful to you:

SIAMS Framework September 2023

CEEO SIAMS Information for Schools

SIAMS Annual Report 2022-23

SIAMS Appeals and Complaints Policy

SIAMS Inspection Deferral Policy

SIAMS Methodist Principles of Education

Church of England Vision for Education

RE Statement of Entitlement

Valuing All God's Children

Mental Health and Well Being Guidance

CEEO Collective Worship Guidance

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