Aston & Cote and Project Touchline

Aston & Cote CE Primary School was delighted to be the first school in Oxfordshire to take part in Project Touchline during which the children in Year 2 – 6 had the opportunity to develop new skills in PE at the same time as developing their understanding of how our school vision and values can be used in everyday situations such as sport.

Each week, we focussed on a different value. The children learnt how: wisdom in sport is making the right choice for the whole team; love is looking out for your team mates; courage in sport is trying again and again even if you haven’t succeeded yet; respect is applying the rules of the game and accepting when you are “out”; honesty is key to a fair game; and forgiveness makes us good team mates and opposition.

During the weekly sessions, everyone grew their talents, not only in rugby but also in how we apply our school values throughout the day.

The lunchtime Prayer Club which was started as part of the project has continued to run each week - this is a lovely opportunity for the children to have a few minutes of quiet, calm reflection. We also have plans for the children in Year 6 to run the project for the children in Year 1 & 2 later in the year. 

“I liked playing bulldog tag. You have to have fun and show the values” Angus

“I liked the song we sang in Collective Worship called ‘I am Brave’” Emily

“I gained faith and learned lots of values through everything Chris did with us” Ethan

Fiona Taylor


Aston & Cote CE Primary School

For more details about Project Touchline click here.

Listen to Chris speaking to BBC Radio Oxford about the programme at Aston and Cote CE Primary and hear reactions from the school children:

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