Crossing the Bridges

Produced by the Pan-Berkshire SACRE hub with money from the Westhill Award, the resources listed here offer teachers guidance on embedding trips to places of worship into the curriculum. There is also a link to a document with information about suitable places of worship in the Berkshire area.

There are booking forms and feedback forms and an flexible interactive booklet for pupils to use on a visit. There are some completed examples, covering 5 faiths to suggest how this might be used.

Crossing the Bridges
Crossing the Bridges - Host Feedback Form
Crossing the Bridges - Information form to register as a host venue
Crossing the Bridges - Schools Booking form
Crossing the Bridges - School Feedback to the Host Place of Worship form
Places of Worship Booklet Christianity
Places of Worship Booklet Hinduism
Places of Worship Booklet Islam
Places of Worship Booklet Judaism
Places of Worship Booklet Sikhism
Places of Worship Directory - hosted on Discovery RE website

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