Conflict and crisis in Ukraine

As schools start to see admission requests for refugee children, we've produced a leaflet with some advice - read it here.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to intensify it's likely that many of the pupils in your school will be aware of what is happening and be worried about it. Our colleagues in Guildford Diocese have created a simple collective worship with the theme ‘God sees and God hears’ that you may wish to use, or adapt for your school. It should work with all age groups, including the oldest secondary students if you use appropriate language:

Those who have become refugees

Working for Peace

Danger, sadness, peace

Extra Prayers for Ukraine script

Extra Prayers for Ukraine presentation

Only you will know what is the right response for the pupils in your school, you will need to take account of:

  • The age of your pupils
  • If you have any pupils from Eastern Europe, particularly Russia or Ukraine
  • Pupils who may have relatives in the areas directly involved
  • Pupils who may have left areas of tension and conflict for whom the events in Ukraine will trigger memories Afghanistan, Syria, Hong Kong,
  • Pupils who have parents in the armed forces who may be concerned about their parents being deployed to the front line
  • Pupils who have recently been bereaved

You may wish to listen to, or sing a song about peace. For example Let there be Peace on Earth, or Peace is flowing Like a River.

This 'Peace Prayer' song was sent through by Jenni at Wonersh and Shamley Green.  You have to ‘ buy it’ but there is a 100% discount code!  You can access the backing track, lyrics and sheet music for free on the link above!

There are three prayer stations on the theme of war and peace,you could leave the label more general so that pupils can reflect on other areas of conflict if they wish to do so.

A few useful facts:

  • We should call the country Ukraine, not The Ukraine.  The Ukraine is what is was called when part of the Soviet Union.
  • Kyiv is the Ukrainian spelling, Kiev is the Russian spelling
  • The blue and yellow flag represents the wide blue sky and the wheat fields below
  • Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine

Some useful places for child appropriate information:

Visit our Bereavement and Loss pages where we have compiled a substantial resource  to give school leaders support and ideas  

 BBC Newsround where videos and features are constantly being updated.

Advice If You Are Upset By The News is helpful


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