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Collective worship resources for Lent

This page is intended for teachers, volunteers and staff involved in offering Come and See at their school.

The following information contains important links to how-to guides for leaders and, over the coming days, advance sight of videos and other resources. Sharing the materials with you now means that you can plan and prepare for groups, lessons and collective worship during Lent well in advance. 

About Come and See

Come and See is a warm, open invitation to come and see what faith has to offer this Lent in schools. There are 6 sessions, which, in a gentle, inclusive and hopefully inspiring way, explore key ideas for understanding the Christian faith. 

Lent is when Christians remember Jesus going into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights after he had been baptised. During this time he was tempted by the devil, but he did not give in. For Christians, Lent forms the lead up to Easter. They use this time to reflect on and prepare for Easter, which is when they remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. Lent begins this year on Ash Wednesday, 22 February.

Six sessions for you to use

There is a session to use each week during Lent (though the materials could be used at any time of the school year). There are activities and written sessions for KS1 and KS2 (years 1 to 6) and videos for final year of KS2 and KS3 (years 6 to 11). Each session approaches a theme and each theme links to the Beatitudes from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. These sessions have multiple elements, making them suitable for use in lessons, collective worship, assemblies, or small groups.


Six films, recorded by some of the school chaplains in this diocese, are most suited to school years 6 to 11. The films can be downloaded or watched online in advance (scroll down for links). Each film covers a theme and has prompts to pause and discuss some of the questions provided. The films can be used standalone or alongside the sessions set out in the leader’s guide.

Leader's guide

You can download the guide for schools here (PDF). The leader's guide covers years 1 to 6, and years 6 to 11. The PDF will open in a new browser window. Right click and select 'save' to download the PDF to your computer.

Six films

Still from film 1

You may show the films in school on a different week to the one shown below. Download links are for organiser use only. 

Film 1 premieres from Monday 20 February

Film 2 premieres from Monday 27 February

Film 3 premieres from Monday 12 March

Film 4 premieres from Monday 19 March

Film 5 premieres from Monday 26 March

Film 6 premieres from Monday 2 April


Graphics and promotional materials

Session outlines - suitable to share in school newsletters and lesson notes

Session 1 – The vision

The Beatitudes show us the very best of what it means to be human: how to live the most fruitful life we can. The way to live well is the way of humility before God, compassion, mercy and peace-making. We see these profound qualities in other people: the great saints of the past and the present. We glimpse them in our communities and ourselves. Jesus affirms that vision but also begins where we are with thanksgiving and appreciation for what is good and for this vision of humanity. (Matthew 5:1-10 &13-16) 

Session 2 – The mirror

The paradox of human life – immense potential but immense frustration – also reflected in the Beatitudes. We long for a world of justice and harmony. We grapple with our mortality and with our own imperfections. The high standards of the sermon on the mount. The serious consequences of human sin and weakness – but God’s grace in continued love for us and in coming to us as we are in all of our mess and poverty. (Matt. 5:1-10 & 17-30)  

Session 3 – The portrait

Jesus the Son of God reveals God’s character to us. The Beatitudes as a reflection on Jesus character. Jesus’ call and invitation to discipleship: follow me. (Matthew 5.1-10 and Matthew 4.18-22)  

Session 4 – The medicine

Jesus as the bringer of mercy, forgiveness, justice and peace. There will be a focus on the Person of Christ and the work of the Cross. The invitation to baptism and a new beginning. (Matthew 5.1-10 and Matthew 9.2-13) 

Session 5 – The promise

The gift of the Holy Spirit. The transformation of our character into the character of Jesus. Becoming a more Christ-like Church. The mission of God’s people to be salt and light in everyday faith. Next steps in discipleship and the means of grace and salvation (vision). (Matthew 5.1-10 and Matthew 7.15-20) 

Session 6 – The habits

The ways God gives us to grow in holiness and in the qualities of the Beatitudes. Next steps in discipleship and the means of grace and sanctification. The secret disciplines of the disciple. (Matthew 5.1-10 and Matthew 6.1-18)  

Come and See graphics

Come and See graphics (link opens a Dropbox window)

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